VIP Membership – Club Gogo Masu!

What is Gogo Masu?  A “masu” is a box, typically sized for one day’s portion of rice.  Gogo masu is many many days of rice!

Gogo Masu is our preferred customer program; earn free food, discounts and receive exclusive monthly specials for our club members. For every $300 you spend, you earn $20 in Masu Sushi & Hibachi goodness.  Spend it on your favorite dish!

Be sure to ask your server when you arrive.


In these times, everyone is struggling to continue daily routines and we are no exception to that.

Unable to serve in our dining areas, we had to minimize our staff for only serving take-out and delivery.

We miss our team working together to serve you all, our valued customers.

Still we stand firm together.

Even in such difficult times, we continue to gain strength from you, who encourage our staff with uplifting comments and continue to support our business.

“I will keep coming and make you guys busy!!”

“Is everything OK? It will pass soon.”

“I hope your business get back to normal soooon.”

We receive these positive comments daily.

This message is to let you know that your comments aren’t going unappreciated, that they make us smile and give us the motivation to make it through each day.

From all of the staff here at Masu,


** Keep bringing your appreciation card that we are giving to our valued customers. We won’t forget your support us in these time.